Who’s Who in the Cast


Each signature on the selected notes was entered into a database. Using the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency Reports and Banker’s Magazine, every signature was verified for accuracy (dates, spelling). Biographical information via free and membership online databases was gathered. In the following display, the two signing officers are listed with dates of birth and death. ONE of the two has been selected for a more detailed biographical sketch (“Featured Bankers”), and a single asterisk has been placed by their name. In most cases this selection was practical (i.e., based on greater available information for one versus the other). The biographical paragraph follows the same structural layout for every banker:

Birth: Date, Place
Death: Date, Place
Bank: All banking employment including positions and dates
Other Professions: Education (if applicable), jobs, investments, military service, achievements.
Politics: Political positions (elected or appointed) on a Federal, State/Territorial, or Local level
Marriage: Date, Wife’s name, Number of children
Family: Notable family achievements, relations (rarely used)
Affiliation: Fraternities (e.g., Mason, Elks), Organizations, Charities, Political Party, Religion

These categories are aspirational. This information was not available for every banker. When the position of “Director” is used, that indicates membership on the board of directors.

To save space, the category headings have been removed from the bios, but they all follow the same order.

In some cases, information will be missing. This is not because it was omitted, rather the information (a specific date or location) could not be found.