Alexander Hamilton

United States Secretary of the Treasury (1789-1795)

Born: 01/11/1757 (Charlestown, Nevis)
Died: 07/12/1804 (New York, NY)

Political Party:

Male; Caucasian; Episcopalian

Founder, Author, Politician, Lawyer, Military

Military Details:
Captain Provincial Company New York Artillery, 14th March, 1776; Lieutenant-Colonel and principal Aide-de-Camp to General Washington, 1st March, 1777, to 23d December, 1783; Brevet Colonel, 30th September, 1783; Major-General and Inspector-General United States Army, 19th July, 1798; honorably discharged 15th June, 1800.

Political Positions:
Continental Congress, Delegate, NY (1782 - 1783);
U.S. Constitutional Convention, Member (1787);
Constitutional Convention, Delegate, NY (1788);
U.S. Secretary of the Treasury (1789 - 1795);
Senior Officer, U.S. Army (1799 - 1800)

King's College, Columbia University (1773-1776)

Professional Details:
Clerk, General Store, St. Croix; Admitted to New York Bar (c.1780)

Historical Info:
Author, The Federalist Papers (with John Jay & James Madison); Founder, The Bank of New York; Dueled Aaron Burr in Weehawken, NJ

Freemasons; Society of the Cincinnati

m. Elizabeth Schuyler (14-Dec-1780)