Henry Clay

United States Secretary of State (1825-1829)

Born: 04/12/1777 (Hanover County, VA)
Died: 06/29/1852 (Washington, DC)

Political Party:
Democratic-Republican, National Republican, Whig

Male; Caucasian; Baptist

Politician, Lawyer

Political Positions:
State House, KY (1803);
U.S. Senate, KY (1806 - 1807);
U.S. Senate, KY (1810 - 1811);
U.S. House, KY, Speaker of the House (1811 - 1814);
U.S. House, KY, Speaker of the House [1815-1820] (1815 - 1821);
U.S. House, KY, Speaker of the House (1823 - 1825);
U.S. Secretary of State (1825 - 1829);
U.S. Senate, KY (1831 - 1843);
U.S. Senate, KY (1849 - 1852)

For President (1824, 1832 National Republican, 1844 Whig)

Professional Details:
Admitted to the Virginia Bar (1797); Law practice in Lexington, KY

Historical Info:
Elected to U.S. Senate and began serving 11/19/1806, despite being under the age limit required by the U.S. Constitution; Appointed by President Madison to a commission to negotiate peace with Great Britain in 1814 (Treaty of Ghent); As Secretary of State, negotiated numerous treaties with Great Britain on commerce and trade.


m. Lucretia Hart (1799), 11 children



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