John Marshall

Chief Justice, United States Supreme Court (1801-1835)

Born: 09/24/1755 (Germantown, VA)
Died: 07/06/1835 (Philadelphia, PA)

Political Party:

Male; Caucasian; Episcopalian

Politician, Lawyer, Jurist

Military Service:
American Revolutionary War (1775-1783)

Military Appointments:
Continental Army, Captain (1776 - 1781)

Military Details:
1st Lieutenant 3d Virginia, 30th July, 1776; Captain-Lieutenant 15th Virginia, December, 1776, to rank from 31st July, 1776; Deputy Judge-Advocate, 20th November, 1777; Captain, 1st July, 1778; transferred to 7th Virginia, 14th September, 1778; retired 12th February, 1781.

Political Positions:
General Assembly, VA (1782 - 1791);
General Assembly, VA (1797);
U.S. Minister, France (1797);
U.S. House, VA (1799 - 1800);
U.S. Secretary of State (1800 - 1801);
U.S. Supreme Court, Chief Justice (1801 - 1835)

College of William and Mary
Phi Beta Kappa

Professional Details:
Admitted to Virginia Bar (1781); Law Practice (1792-1797)

Historical Info:
Marbury v. Madison, McCulloch v. Maryland, Cohens v. Virginia and Gibbons v. Ogden. Presided over the trial of Aaron Burr; From 1/31/1801 to 3/4/1801 Marshall served as both Secretary of State and Supreme Court Chief Justice.


m. Mary Willis Ambler (3-Jan-1783)